Ghost Call



16 TO 18 May 2019, Block O, GOODMAN ARTS CENTRE

Duration: 60 mins


Performers: Matthew Goh and Stephanie RaE Yoong

Text and Concept: Nabilah Said

Movement collaborator: Ricky Sim

A call with no one on the other line. An accidental call you didn’t mean to make. Wrongly addressed letters. Ghost Call explores the idea behind one-sided communication and its effects on a person. A collaboration between playwright Nabilah Said and Raw Moves, Ghost Call is an experiment exploring the intersection between movement, text and the raw emotional connection with the audience.

Selected press

“It is a conceptually strong piece of work that captures the bittersweet sensations of modern communication that brings us closer in a myriad of ways, but perhaps ultimately distances us from each other.”


“We feel a warm and fuzzy feeling from that single moment of genuine interaction, impressed with how Nabilah and the dancers have created this story… genuinely sparking a sense of curiosity and fear of missing out at almost all times.”